Offering home automation solutions for everyone. If you are curious about home automation but find the technology daunting or you just have a few questions about how it works then we will work with you to get your devices up and running. We offer many Internet of Things (IoT) solutions such as Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa) which allow you to use voice control to operate many automated devices such as lights, garage doors, power outlets, thermostat, door locks and much more. We will deliver, install and guide you through the IoT world and answer any questions you have might have about automating your home. If you have any other home technology questions like cutting that cable cord or you just need WiFi for your home or would like to set up an entire home automation system, feel free to ask since we offer solutions in those areas as well. Currently we are only serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater twin cities region.

For more information or to set up an appointment contact: jeff.asmussen@gmail.com